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Top 5 Wedding Veils In 2024

Once you’ve found an iconic piece for your wedding attire, the next step is adoring your look with small intricacies that evoke sophistication. We all know that it’s all in the details, which is why we fully encourage you to get daring with your wedding accessories - the bolder, the better! Naturally, the first thing you think of is subtle yet eye-catching jewelry, but don’t overlook the more ‘traditional’ pieces - specifically, the wedding veil.

While the bridal veil was essential in the past, now it serves as a statement. They effortlessly evoke a sense of romanticism and sensuality while still looking elegantly modern. If you’ve delved into the world of wedding veils, you know how many striking designs are there to choose from. With that in mind, to help you choose the perfect one, TEMPÊTE has rounded up some of the most iconic bridal veil styles.

Amarelle Pearl Wedding Veil | TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique

Pearl Veils

As an eternal reminder of grace and luxury, pearls are a current trend in wedding attire. Of course, the length and type of pearl veil depend on your wishes as well as the type of dress you will wear. They can be organized in a pattern or just scattered throughout the veil, giving it a subtle but specific accent. Although pearl veils are usually associated with a vintage aesthetic, they suit modern brides perfectly, offering a bold yet sensual look.

Coquille Pleated Tulle Wedding Veil | TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique

Pleated Veils

If you want a combination of traditional and modern styles, then pleated wedding veils are the perfect choice for you. With delicately created pleats, these veils add texture that further enhances your look and gives a beautiful effect that matches any dress. Pleats can be gentle and subtle as an addition to your style or dramatic and noticeable as the main detail of your outfit.

Mesh Freshwater Pearl Wedding Veil | TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique

Classy Veils

Classy wedding veils are evergreen - their timeless beauty never fades away. However, bridal fashion designers have recently taken a particular interest in them and have used their versatile designs to create contemporary pieces that are the definition of classiness. Classy wedding veils can also be quite long, so if you want to create a dramatic look, this accessory will bring your look to perfection. Nowadays, the classy style is elevated to modern heights. Hence, these veils aren’t afraid to stray from the conventional and be embellished with subtle details, making them look as ethereal as ever.

Floral Veils

Floral wedding veils come with a sense of whimsical youthfulness, thus making the overall look simplistic yet daring. Embroidered flowers never go out of style, and because they can be designed in a variety of styles, you’ll always be able to find something that is in style. However, you can also go for a natural effect and include real delicate flowers in your wedding veil - the perfect addition to a contemporary bride.

Lace Veils

Lace wedding veils offer a touch of drama in your attire and come in a vast array of designs. Traditional veils are typically long and embody refined elegance, but designers have created many modern takes on the piece, resulting in a unique wedding accessory. Birdcage veils are becoming more common in modern bridal looks, but you can never go wrong with the classic. If you pair it with unconventional wedding attire, the styles will match perfectly!


Since many different wedding veils are available, the choice should not be difficult. All you need is to get inspired and discover your options. If you liked the veils shown in this article, visit our TEMPÊTE store, where you can view even more designs and finally choose the veil that suits you the best!

At TEMPÊTE, you’ll discover an even broader spectrum of veil designs, allowing you to delve deeper into various styles, lengths, and delicate details. Our curated collection aims to cater to every bride's unique taste and vision. Explore, try, and find the veil that resonates with you the most.

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