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Inside TEMPÊTE's Bridal Story

TEMPÊTE was born on 1st April 2023, out of pure love for bridal fashion. It emerged during the rebranding of a highly successful Canadian wedding brand, Davie and Chiyo, renowned for its expertise in bridal accessories. With a 15-year presence in the market, change was necessary.

We embraced the finest aspects of the previous Davie and Chiyo brand—sustainable bridal fashion practices and exceptional craftsmanship—and redefined them as what we now proudly call TEMPÊTE. 

Couture Wedding Dresses Made in Canada in TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique Vancouver
Made in Canada Wedding Dresses & Accessories | TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique Vancouver

A Storm of Unconventional Bridal STYLE

TEMPÊTE, which translates to "storm" in French, symbolizes the fusion of the natural world's elemental power with the intense emotions shared between lovers.

TEMPÊTE stands out as an unconventional bridal fashion brand. Driven with a purpose, committed to revolutionizing the industry by providing brides with an invigorating departure from conventional wedding attire. 

Our mission extends beyond crafting exquisite bridal pieces. We empower brides to express themselves fully, curating their unique style with our easily combinable designs. This effort results in a one-of-a-kind look that stands out and remains wearable beyond their wedding day. Our goal is to instigate a significant shift in the bridal industry by championing alternative, modern, and re-wearable designs.


Made in Canada Wedding Veils & Accessories | TEMPÊTE Bridal Boutique Vancouver

Styling Options with TEMPÊTE

TEMPÊTE pieces are versatile, perfect for various occasions like a bachelorette party outfit, an engagement party look, a rehearsal dinner ensemble, your wedding day attire, and even second-look options. The smart styling potential allows you to derive immense value from a few select pieces.

TEMPÊTE aims to streamline your online wedding shopping, making it as smooth and effortless as possible. Our goal is to simplify the overall experience and be available to answer all your questions promptly.

We stand for uniqueness, individuality, and self-expression. Our mission is to make brides feel exceptionally beautiful and special on their wedding day.

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